We are a leading provider of commercial real estate in Germany and want to continue expanding this position in future. To help us succeed, we are always looking for committed employees to join our professional, open and friendly team. We can offer a wide range of customisable activities in a variety of fields as well as involvement in ambitious projects that will drive all of TLG IMMOBILIEN AG forward.


  • We put our values into practice

  • Over 100 employees who are excited and interested to meet you

  • A modern workplace in the heart of Berlin and at other attractive

  • Flexible working hours & Home office

  • 30 days of leave plus special holidays (e.g. you will have 24 and 31 December off to celebrate ;-)

  • Training and development opportunities

  • Active company events

  • Job tickets in Berlin & Dresden

  • Smartphones and laptops

  • Company pension by deferred compensation with employer's contribution

  • Services relating to health and fitness: health day, contribution to Urban Sports Club membership, Corporate challange

  • Free drinks and discounted meals

„Our everyday work is characterised by a diverse range of subjects and a great atmosphere.“

René Bausdorf, Asset Management


Quality and service

We pride ourselves on our quality and service

  • with well thought-out decisions and quick, efficient action
  • with clear, ambitious targets by which we judge ourselves
  • with exceptional results
  • by assuming responsibility and practicing entrepreneurship

Customers and markets

We understand our customers and markets

  • by monitoring trends or market developments and acting proactively
  • by maintaining a regional presence
  • as a developer of tailored solutions
  • as a reliable long-term partner


We are always working to improve

  • by reflecting on our work
  • by optimising our processes continuously and eliminating activities that do not create value
  • by identifying and nurturing the potential of our employees

Contribution to society

We make a positive contribution to society

  • by using resources sparingly and making long-term decisions
  • by testing the structural quality and energy efficiency of our properties continuously 
  • by holding an open, transparent dialogue
  • by following the rules

Acting with respect

We always show respect in our actions

  • with clear communication and open exchanges of opinion
  • with fairness, decorum and mutual appreciation
  • by recognising good work 
  • by following the rules


In October 2017 TLG IMMOBILIEN AG signed the Diversity Charta (Charta der Vielfalt). It shows our commitment to create a working environment free of prejudice.

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„Our company is developing continuously and it is fun to be a part of it!“

Benjamin Albrecht, Development