The subjects in this Code of Conduct are of particular importance to us in our work with the contractors of the TLG IMMOBILIEN Group (TLG IMMOBILIEN) and their subcontractors.

These guidelines are intended to create a culture of trust between all partners involved in rendering the services of the Group and both encourage and ensure the assumption of long-term economic, ecological and social responsibility. Please make sure that you adhere to these standards. For its part, TLG IMMOBILIEN also undertakes to adhere to these standards.

Our contractors are required to comply with the relevant laws, regulations, standards and the provisions of our contracts and agreements.

If there are internal or external indications of legal violations or infringements of rules in the everyday business of TLG IMMOBILIEN, whistle-blowers can contact a neutral intermediary, even anon-ymously (contact details on

All forms of corruption, bribery or action that give the impression of corruption or bribery must be rejected at all times. This goes for the employees of TLG IMMOBILIEN as well as all service providers operating on behalf of our Group. We will punish infringements accordingly.

Cash donations and payments in kind such as vouchers are not permitted between employees of the Group and contractors. Non-monetary benefits to our employees may not exceed a value of EUR 25.00.

Donations and sponsorships from individuals, groups of people, organisations or events (sponsoring) are prohibited if they directly or indirectly support domestic or foreign officials whose position or activity has or might have links to the business activities of TLG IMMOBILIEN.

The risk of conflicts of interest and corruption grows when business contacts also become private contacts. With regard to private contacts, it must be made clear from the outset that you differentiate strictly between your professional and private lives so as not to arouse suspicion that you are accepting benefits. If there are family connections, the contractor must make them transparent for TLG IMMOBILIEN.

Our service providers are required to permit competition without restriction and, within this scope, not enter into any transactions that are in violation of anti-trust law. Likewise, any monopolistic positions may not be exploited.

Our contractors are obliged to maintain confidentiality under separate agreements as, through their business relationship, TLG IMMOBILIEN might disclose information to its service providers that could disadvantage TLG IMMOBILIEN if it became known and/or were used for competitive purposes. Should confidential information be disclosed accidentally, the contractors are required to notify TLG IMMOBILIEN immediately and not disclose the information to third parties.

The trading of the shares of TLG IMMOBILIEN AG is subject to the relevant insider trading laws. In particular, it is forbidden to buy or sell the shares of the company for personal gain or in the interest of a third party on the basis of insider information, circumvent trade restrictions such as blackout periods, disclose insider information to others without authorisation or advise others to trade in the shares of TLG IMMOBILIEN AG on the basis of insider information.

The applicable standards must be adhered to in connection with the personal data of business partners or employees. All personal data collected and stored as part of the performance of a ser-vice are used exclusively for their stated purpose, transparently, carefully and in line with the relevant data protection regulations. Any doubts can be brought to the data protection officer of TLG IMMOBILIEN.

The applicable environmental protection legislation and regulations must be adhered to strictly and implemented. Environmental aspects must be factored into corporate decisions. With consideration for the economic aspects, more environmentally friendly solutions must be consciously favoured over all other approaches – especially in general business operations, as part of property management and in the field of project development. We therefore urge our contractors to implement long-term environmental and climate protection measures and to consider alternatives when carrying out contracts, including in terms of the use of materials and resources, procurement and transportation and disposal.

The companies of the contractors observe equal rights and equal opportunities. All forms of discrimination, e.g. against customers, employees and third parties, are prohibited. In particular, no one may be discriminated against on the basis of their gender, skin colour, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation or a disability. The opportunities for advancement within the company must be equal for all employees, regardless of the aforementioned characteristics.

Our contractors recognise and uphold employee rights under German law. In particular, employees must be duly remunerated for the hours they work and unjustified salary deductions are forbidden. We also refer to the mandatory regulations on working hours, breaks and statutory holidays that apply to all employees equally in accordance with the German Minimum Wage Act (MiLoG).

It must be possible for the employees of all of our contractors to join or form unions and practice collective bargaining in line with the relevant laws. The management of the company must ensure that employee representatives are able to perform their roles within the company unhindered.

All current health and safety and employment protection laws must be implemented without exception in the companies of our contractors. All employees must have a safe, healthy working environment in which they can make their positive contributions to the company. The employer must ensure that measures are in place to prevent accidents and occupational illnesses, and that employees are briefed in employee safety.

Child labour and forced labour are prohibited. These provisions are based on the regulations of the United Nations and the national legislation of the Federal Republic of Germany.


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