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In the second half of 2019 TLG IMMOBILIEN acquired approx. 15 % of the shares in its competitor Aroundtown and is taking this as an opportunity to open talks on a merger of the two companies. Since then, the leading company for office and hotel properties in Europe with real estate assets totalling around EUR 25 bn has been jointly created. In the course of an exchange of shares, the larger Aroundtown acquired around 77.8% of the shares in TLG IMMOBILIEN in February 2020, thereby laying the foundation for the planned merger.




In October 2017, TLG IMMOBILIEN AG acquired around 86% of the shares of its competitor WCM Beteiligungs- und Grundbesitz-Aktiengesellschaft (WCM AG) as part of a share swap. The WCM AG portfolio comprises office and retail properties in Germany worth around EUR 800 m. Together with other acquisitions in 2017, this successful takeover increased the value of the properties owned by the TLG IMMOBILIEN Group to over EUR 3.0 bn.

Additionally, TLG IMMOBILIEN successfully issued its first EUR 400 m bond in November 2017. Essentially, the funds will be used for refinancing and to finance future growth.




TLG IMMOBILIEN AG has been growing steadily since 2014 and achieved a portfolio value in excess of EUR 2 bn at the end of the year. Additionally, by acquiring two office properties in Frankfurt am Main the company is strategically entering the markets in western Germany with a view to generating future growth.




On 24 February 2015 the German Stock Exchange unexpectedly admitted TLG IMMOBILIEN AG to the SDAX.




The acquisition of strategic properties begins. TLG IMMOBILIEN changes its legal form to TLG IMMOBILIEN AG. After the successful IPO at 24 October 2014 the shares of TLG IMMOBILIEN AG are traded on the Regulated Market (Prime Standard) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

From 2013 on



The quality of the portfolio is improved further through specific disposals. Internal structures are adapted.






TLG IMMOBILIEN spins off its residential property portfolio to TLG WOHNEN. The Federal Republic of Germany represented by the Ministry of Finance starts the privatisation process of both companies in the spring. The financial investor, Lone Star acquires TLG IMMOBILIEN at year's end. TLG WOHNEN is sold to TAG IMMOBILIEN AG.




TLG IMMOBILIEN becomes profitable and since then continues to post profits. In subsequent years, the company invests around EUR 1.4 bn in building a modern commercial and residential property portfolio through acquisitions.




With its strategic reorientation, TLG IMMOBILIEN begins the conversion from a sales-oriented subsidiary of a privatisation agency to an active portfolio manager with core competencies in letting, development, acquisition and sales.




The Federal Republic of Germany takes over the shares of the company. TLG IMMOBILIEN acquires the non-operating properties of the former Treuhandanstalt (privatisation agency charged with privatising the property of the former GDR).




Establishment of the company as a subsidiary of the Treuhandanstalt.